Thursday, May 10, 2012

How to turn digital photographs into photo the SLR (single-lens reflex)

Before try these tips, agan have to ask permission to have a copyright image, to be safe from mockery. Here I use photo my girl.
  •  Open Photoshop (whatever version) and then enter pictures that will be made the SLR camera 
  • Right-click on the Background layer (the lower right corner) select "Layer From Background" Rename the layer (here I give the name Layer 0) then ok
  • Then duplicate the layer above Crtl + J
  •  Selection using the Polygonal Lasso Tool objects to be in focus, if done "to Tab Select-Inverse"
  • Save this selection is "to Tab-Select Save Selection-name-ok" Here I give the name A
  • If the selection is in the save, then remove the selection by Crtl + D
  • Then "go to Tab Filter-Blur-Lens Blur"
  •  Set as shown above, Source: select storage selection earlier, and then ok 
  • Obviously the results are not perfect there are still visible in the background marks the edge of the object, to disguise the scars we Blur Tool brush edges with type "Soft Round Pressure Opacity" strength:50"
  • Now, more towards the typical results of SLR cameras, which remove certain parts using the Eraser Tool with a type brush "Soft Round Pressure Opacity" opacity and flow depending on which one will be deleted, high flow and opacity semakain the deletion will be even thicker. So use a low opacity and flow to the edges of the removed
  • If completed, then arrive at the color game. That makes the colors more vivid. Use the selective color adjustment in the box on the right, if not found "go to the Image-Tab-Selective color ajustment"
  • Set-your own-in which if the color is a color image on the photo to make it live.
  • Photos on display ready ^ _ ^! may be useful
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