Thursday, May 10, 2012

Creating a grayscale photographs (black and white) into color photographs

Before-agan agan try these tips, agan have to ask permission to have a copyright image, to be safe from mockery. Here I use the picture gan my friend! KDD CS
  • Open Photoshop (whatever version) and then enter pictures that will be used as a color photo
  • Change the Foreground to Background becomes black and white
  • then click on Edit in Quick Mask Mode

  • The skin coloring first with the Brush Tool

  •     And then click Edit in Standart Mode as shown below :

  • would appear the dotted line right? it was called the selection, after that do the inverse to click Ctrl + Shift + i or "Tab to Select-Inverse"

  •  How do coloring with press Ctrl + U Settings like this:

  • Once it is formed almost like skin color.
  • Do the methods above to search for lip color, clothes, and others. But with the color settings "hue" that matches the color of the object
  • Less is more the result will be like this:
  •   If you've dyed all the colors come to life original.
  • Use the selective color adjustment in the box on the right, if not found "go to Image-Tab-Selective color ajustment"

  • Photos on display ready ^ _ ^! may be useful
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