Saturday, May 12, 2012

How to change fat into lean photo with photoshop

Before try these tips, agan have to ask permission to have a copyright image, to be safe from mockery. Here I use the photo my Friendbig boss
  •  Open Photoshop (whatever version) and then enter the photo you want to change fat into lean photo
  • Change the Background layer by double click. give name
  • This photo was my selection of other photos, the way selection has been discussed in the tool box basics.
  • Create a new layer with ctrl + shift + N and put it under a layer of selected objects, then Give shadow to the brush tool
  • Minimize the shadow opacity to 60
  • so the picture will look like this:
  • The next step go to Filter> Liquify
  • There are some tools that should be considered in its use
  • Usability In the picture above:
  • Forward Warp Tool (W): To widen or out by sliding
  • Twirl Clockwise Tool (C): To create rounded objects by pressing
  • Pucker Tool (S): To memperkecilobjek by sliding and pressing
  • Bloat Tool (B): To widen or convex objects by pressing and sliding the
  • Push Left Tool (O): For the driven object menggeer
  • Mirror Tool (M): To reflect the object
  • Turbulence Tool (T): To Make displaced objects such as water
  • To note the picture above is the Brush Size to set the bias shift in the object could not be reached or that
  • Arrange as desired object which needs to be minimized or enlarged
  • so the picture will look like this:
  • Photos on display ready ^ _ ^! may be useful
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